The Fear of Running Out of Money

The idea of adding alternative investments to complement the more traditional asset classes in an investor’s portfolio is a time-tested one.

Alex Tapscott Future of Money
The Future of Money

A lot has changed since the last century, and the world of cryptocurrencies is on a collision course with community currencies, corporate payment systems, and central banks. So to digital currency expert Alex Tapscott, what does that mean for the future of Bitcoin?

Investment Case for Bitcoin
The Investment Case for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most important human innovations of the last hundred years. And while the mainstream headlines may focus primarily on the fluctuating price of a coin, the investment case is actually very strong. Particularly when considered in the context of portfolio diversification.

What is Bitcoin?

These days everyone’s talking about Bitcoin, so why is it still so elusive as an investment? Alex Tapscott, Key Opinion Leader in Bitcoin and Blockchain and Co-Author of the best selling book, Blockchain Revolution, joins host Kenrick Sylvestre on the podcast.