Alex Tapscott & Chris Giancarlo
Money, Bitcoin and Central Bank Digital Currencies

This is a replay of our recent video cryptoTalk with Ninepoint’s Alex Tapscott, featuring Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and leading U.S. voice on the development of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Can Bitcoin be Green?
Can we fix Bitcoin’s climate problem?

Bitcoin’s rapid growth has raised some concerns over the cryptocurrency’s mining-related carbon footprint. This has led to criticism that Bitcoin is a polluter. That’s not entirely accurate.

Alex Tapscott on the impact of PayPal accepting payment through Bitcoin

In a recent InvestorIntel interview, Tracy Weslosky spoke with Alex Tapscott, Managing Director of the Digital Asset Group at Ninepoint Partners LP about what people can do to feel more comfortable about cryptocurrencies and understand how Bitcoin has “set off a spark that has captured a lot of people imaginations”.

Bloor Street Capital with John Wilson and Alex Tapscott
One-on-One: Bloor Street Capital with John Wilson and Alex Tapscott

Alex Tapscott and John Wilson sat down for a wide-ranging interview with James Connor of Bloor Street Capital. Discussed, among other things: the investment case for Bitcoin, is Bitcoin the new gold, the regulatory environment, Crypto beyond Bitcoin, and much more.

Busting Bitcoin Myths
Busting Bitcoin Myths: 7 Misconceptions About the Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin’s recent surge has reawakened old animus in the media. Bitcoin can be polarizing, so maybe it’s a good time for a fact-check on some Bitcoin misconceptions.

Alt Talk with Alex Tapscott with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss on the Investment Case for Bitcoin
Alt Talk: The Investment Case for Bitcoin

A replay of a thought-provoking video Alt Talk on Bitcoin investing with Ninepoint’s Alex Tapscott, along with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, founders of Gemini Trust, and hosted by veteran anchor, Michael Hainsworth.

Alex Tapscott Future of Money
The Future of Money

A lot has changed since the last century, and the world of cryptocurrencies is on a collision course with community currencies, corporate payment systems, and central banks. So to digital currency expert Alex Tapscott, what does that mean for the future of Bitcoin?

Stansberry Research - Alex Tapscott on the Future of Money
Bitcoin and the Future of Money

If you focus on the daily price moves, you’ll miss the more profound truth: Bitcoin is more than just a systemically important financial asset, says Alex Tapscott of Ninepoint Partners.

Bitcoin is the Future of Money
The Future of Money

Money is one of humanity’s greatest and most enduring inventions. But money is entering a new phase, taking another giant leap forward into a world of true digital currencies.

The Investment Case for Bitcoin
The Investment Case for Bitcoin

While the headlines may focus on the fluctuating price of Bitcoin, the investment case is actually very strong when considered in the context of portfolio diversification.