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The Fear of Running Out of Money
The Fear of Running Out of Money

The idea of adding alternative investments to complement the more traditional asset classes in an investor’s portfolio is a time-tested one.

Can Bitcoin be Green?
Can we fix Bitcoin’s climate problem?

Bitcoin’s rapid growth has raised some concerns over the cryptocurrency’s mining-related carbon footprint. This has led to criticism that Bitcoin is a polluter. That’s not entirely accurate.

Busting Bitcoin Myths
Busting Bitcoin Myths: 7 Misconceptions About the Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin’s recent surge has reawakened old animus in the media. Bitcoin can be polarizing, so maybe it’s a good time for a fact-check on some Bitcoin misconceptions.

Bitcoin is the Future of Money
The Future of Money

Money is one of humanity’s greatest and most enduring inventions. But money is entering a new phase, taking another giant leap forward into a world of true digital currencies.

The Investment Case for Bitcoin
The Investment Case for Bitcoin

While the headlines may focus on the fluctuating price of Bitcoin, the investment case is actually very strong when considered in the context of portfolio diversification.

9 Reasons why Smart Investors are Buying into Bitcoin
9 Reasons why Smart Investors are Considering Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now more than just an important financial asset held as a portfolio diversifier and alternative to gold – it is strengthening its case as the future of money itself.

The Key to Bitcoin's Future
Bitcoin offers freedom from political repression – and that’s a key to its future

There are a number of factors that will, over time, work in Bitcoin’s favor, including how Bitcoin offers freedom from financial repression, surveillance, and deplatforming.

The Blockcahion Revolution's Canadian Connection
IP and the Blockchain revolution: The Canadian Connection

The Internet broke things. Blockchain will fix them.

3 Mega-Trends Shaping the Future of Money
3 Mega-Trends Shaping the Future of Money

Three unstoppable forces are on a collision course. The coming cataclysm will, for better or worse, reshape money and our world for decades to come.