Casting an Encrypted and Compliant Blockchain with Elena Nadolinski of Iron Fish

Join Alex Tapscott and Andrew Young as they decode the world of DeFi with special guest Elena Nadolinski, Founder and CEO of Iron Fish. Listen in as they discuss Elena’s incredible journey from working at Microsoft and Airbnb to in Web3, private yet compliant-friendly protocol designs, exciting types of potential new use cases and applications, Iron Fish’s asset issuance functionality and tokenomics, $IRON utility, the network’s node running sustainability, and more!

Iron Fish is a proof-of-work (PoW), open-source, and community-focused blockchain project that shields sensitive asset information through encryption in a censorship-resistant and compliant manner. The privacy-enabled platform allows individuals to perform everyday crypto transactions with maximum security; by providing users with “read-only view keys,” they can easily grant access and share account information for compliance and proof of transaction purposes on an as-needed basis. In November 2021, Iron Fish caught the attention of dominant industry investors, raising $27.7M in a Series A round led by the prominent Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), with Sequoia Capital and MetaStable Capital also participating. Elena is a nationally recognized computer scientist, receiving awards from the White House and CIA; she worked at Microsoft, Tilt, and Airbnb before founding Iron Fish in 2018.

Tune in to the 97th DeFi Decoded episode to hear Alex, Andrew, and Elena discuss all things DeFi and Iron Fish. What is compliance, and who needs to be compliant? How is Iron Fish designed, and which role in the ecosystem does it fulfill? What are some exciting new forms of applications that can be built with this privacy embedded into the chain?