Is America Closing its Doors to Web3? With Sheila Warren of the Crypto Council for Innovation

Join Alex Tapscott as he decodes the world of DeFi with special guest Sheila Warren, CEO of the Crypto Council for Innovation. Listen in as they discuss Sheila’s Web3 origin story, experience spearheading blockchain at the World Economic Forum, day-to-day work at the Crypto Council for Innovation and its source of funding, root causes of the banking crisis, the big geopolitical picture in the race to establish clear legislation governing crypto, and more!

The Crypto Council for Innovation is the premier global alliance advancing crypto innovation through research, education, advocacy, and partnerships to unlock the promise of Web3. With a powerful alliance including dominant stakeholders such as Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase, Block, and more, the Crypto Council for Innovation partners with governments and key enterprises to help achieve its global vision of inclusive regulation through actionable and evidence-based insights. Before Sheila’s at the Crypto Council for Innovation, she founded the Blockchain and Digital Asset team at the World Economic Forum and served on the Executive Leadership Team for the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As a Harvard-trained lawyer, Sheila’s career started at Cravath, Swaine, and Moore LLP as an attorney, and she spent a great deal of time working for the non-profit sector to help companies embrace emerging technology as both a lawyer and executive. Sheila is also the Co-Host of Coindesk’s TV show and podcast, Money Reimagined.

Tune in to the 95th DeFi Decoded episode to hear Alex and Sheila discuss all things DeFi and Crypto Council. How did Sheila’s Web3 journey commence, and what was her experience leading blockchain at the World Economic Forum? What is the Crypto Council for Innovation, how are they funded, and which regions do they operate within? What is the big geopolitical picture on crypto regulations, and is the United States falling behind?