Sky’s the Limit: The Potential of Web3 Gaming with Aleksander Larsen of Sky Mavis

Join Alex Tapscott and Andrew Young as they decode the world of DeFi with special guest Aleksander Larsen, COO and Co-Founder of Sky Mavis. Listen in as they discuss Aleksander’s intersection of gaming and Web3, experience with and learning lessons from Axie Infinity, exciting blockchain-based gaming applications, the response from large traditional gaming studios, the future outlook for Web3 gaming adoption, and more!

Sky Mavis is a blockchain-based gaming company that builds virtual worlds with player-owned economies and digital property rights. Their flagship game, Axie Infinity, is a popular NFT-based online video game that allows players to battle, raise, and trade creatures called Axies. Axie Infinity has facilitated over $3.6 billion in trades on its in-house marketplace and has 2.8 million daily active players, making it one of the most popular Web3 games to date. Aleksander’s responsibilities at Sky Mavis encompass finance, operations, legal, and business development. He also serves as the Secretary on the Blockchain Game Alliance’s Board of Directors. Prior to working on Sky Mavis, Aleksander worked in the Norwegian state, spending his free time playing video games and fostering gaming communities. He represented Norway in competitive tournaments for World of Warcraft 3 and Dota and ranked globally among the top 200 players for Dota 2.

Tune in to the 92nd DeFi Decoded episode to hear Alex, Andrew, and Aleksander discuss all things Web3, gaming, and Sky Mavis. What was Aleksander’s experience with Axie Infinity? How does Aleksander view the adoption of blockchain technology in the long run, and what impacts will it have on gaming? What are some exciting features of Web3 games that weren’t possible in non-blockchain gaming worlds?