Disrupting the Creator Economy Through Decentralization with pplpleasr of Shibuya

Join Alex Tapscott as he decodes the world of DeFi with special guest pplpleasr, a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on Web3, NFTs, crypto, DAOs, and philanthropy. Listen in as they discuss pplpleasr’s fascinating Web3 origin, Shibuya’s story, the evolving IP model landscape, their recent $6.9 million funding round, next steps for the studio and platform, generative AI and art opportunities, and more!

Pplpleasr’s work with Uniswap has inspired the formation of the prolific investment group PleasrDAO, helped define the aesthetic of the decentralized finance movement, been showcased on the cover of Fortune and Vouge magazines, collaborations with Steve Aoki and Sotheby’s. She ranked in the Forbes 30 under 30 last year and ranks in the top 5 of fortunes nifty 50, and has donated more than $1.5 million to charity with her NFT sales. Shibuya is a Web3 content studio and creator platform that leverages blockchain technology for the secure distribution and monetization of content. Raising $6.9 million in a recent funding round, including investment from Andreessen Horowitz, Variant Fund, and celebrities like Kevin Durant and Paris Hilton, Shibuya aims to empower creators to establish deep-rooted connections with their fan by providing an array of quality tools and resources.

Tune in to the 90th DeFi Decoded episode to hear Alex and pplpleasr discuss all things Web3 and Shibuya. How is Web3 changing the game for creators, and what is pplpleasr’s personal experience with its impact? What is Shibuya’s story, and how do NFTs intersect with in its telling? What is the opportunity that angel investors see in Shibuya, and why the celebrity involvement?