What’s Next on the Ethereum Roadmap with Tim Beiko, Ethereum Core Developer

Join Alex Tapscott and Andrew Young as they decode the world of DeFi with special guest Tim Beiko, a core developer and key figure in the Ethereum Foundation. Listen in as they discuss Tim’s Web3 origin story, events leading up to and after The Merge, the significance of the Shanghai Fork, and more!

Ethereum is the preeminent open-source layer-1 blockchain platform for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps); with a market capitalization of $200 billion, it boasts being the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. In September 2022, Ethereum completed The Merge, a major upgrade that merged the Ethereum Mainnet with the proof-of-stake (POS) blockchain Beacon Chain, reducing the network’s energy consumption by 99.95%, with Tim playing a key role in its rollout. The recent successful execution of the Shanghai hard fork on the Goerli testnet signifies that Ethereum validators will soon be able to withdraw Ethereum from the Beacon Chain and provide ETH holders with greater access to their holdings, allowing them to unstake assets for the first time.

Tune in to the 86th DeFi Decoded episode to hear Alex, Andrew, and Tim discuss all things Ethereum and how they are selling secure block space. How did Tim fall down the rabbit hole of Web3 and ultimately find himself working for the Ethereum Foundation? What did Ethereum’s development and implementation of the Merge look like behind the scenes? Why is Ethereum often referred to as “ultra-sound” money post-Merge? Will account abstraction unlock Web3 for mainstream users? And More!