Mapping the World – One HONEY Token at a Time with Ariel Seidman of Hivemapper

Join Alex Tapscott and Andrew Young as they decode the world of Web3 with special guest Ariel Seidman, CEO and Co-Founder at Hivemapper. Listen in as they discuss Ariel’s journey to founding Hivemapper, how they incentivize contributors, HONEY tokenomics, the thesis for building on Solana, key milestone metrics, and more!

Hivemapper is a unique mapping platform that offers a decentralized approach to map-building. Hivemapper incentivizes individuals to map high-demand areas while maintaining consistent quality standards. Contributors earn HONEY tokens for their efforts, making the map a community effort belonging to those who construct it. With over 10,000 contributors, 2.7 million Honey transactions, 780,974 unique kilometres mapped, and 498 regions covered, Hivemapper represents a pivotal shift in creating fresh maps and who owns them, sharing the economic benefits with those who contribute.

Tune in to the 85th DeFi Decoded episode to hear Alex, Andrew, and Ariel discuss all things Hivemapper and how they are revolutionizing map creation via ownership. How did non-crypto native Ariel find himself at the epicentre of a decentralized mapping platform? What noteworthy aspects from Helium and Waze does Hivemapper leverage? Which global regions are the most active, and how do their contributor counts affect overall reward capture? Tune in!