“What Chains Are Worth Betting On” With Jake Hannah of SX Bet

Join Andrew Young as he decodes the world of DeFi with special guest Jake Hannah, Co-Founder of SX.bet. Listen in as they discuss the NFT regulatory environment, exciting perpetual future projects, layer-2 blockchains, EVM-compatible chains, Polygon’s financial health, and the overall value capture of many of the top projects.

SX Bet, part of the SX Network ecosystem, is the largest blockchain prediction market in the world, offering a peer-to-peer betting exchange, allowing users to offer and take bets. This platform provides a transparent and secure environment for online betting powered by blockchain technology.

Tune in to the 83rd DeFi Decoded episode to hear Andrew and Jake discuss all things DeFi. Could NBA’s Top Shot Moment NFTs be securities? What are some of the most promising projects in the “PERP” war? How do different blockchains compare in their value capture?