“Making Polygon DeFi More Accessible Than Running Water”, with Hamzah Khan of Polygon Technologies

Join Alex Tapscott and Andrew Young as they decode the world of DeFi with special guest Hamzah Khan, Head of DeFi at Polygon Technologies. Listen in as they discuss Polygon, the future of DeFi, app chain trends, and more! Polygon is a layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution that enables developers to build scalable, user-friendly, and secure decentralized applications (dApps) by “bringing the world to Ethereum.” As the Head of Defi, Hamzah remains committed to developing Polygon’s cutting-edge technology to grow further the 37,000+ Web3 applications utilizing Polygon. Hamzah is also an angel investor who personally invests in various DeFi and Web3 infrastructure companies. Tune in to the 82nd DeFi Decoded episode to hear Alex, Andrew, and Hamzah discuss all things DeFi and learn more about Polygon. How have Hamzah’s two years at Polygon been? What is it that has allowed Polygon to be so successful with business development execution? What does the future of Polygon and DeFi look like?