Solana Survived! Plus: 2023 Crypto Predictions (Part 2)!

On this episode, Alex and Andrew briefly summarize the situation with Solana. It turns out reports of the death of the once-ascendant Layer 1 blockchain were premature. Then, Alex shares his four Web3 predictions for 2023. First, enterprise adoption of Web3 will accelerate rather than slow down. Second, DeFi will grow beyond the insular crypto community because of better reputation scoring and the integration of real assets. Third, Web3 gaming will drive the next wave of digital asset adoption. New Web3 games will make earning and owning a nice to have rather than the point of the game. Fourth, the U.S.  will pass a major law around crypto. Alex is cautiously optimistic the blockchain caucus in the U.S. congress and the Web3 lobby can steward this towards a reasonable outcome, but it comes with plenty of risks. Tune in to hear more!