The ATOM 2.0 Episode with Sam Hart, Strategy Lead of the Cosmos Hub

Cosmos is highly regarded in the Web3 world for its novel and robust design, which allows developers to launch application specific chains while benefiting from the shared architecture of the Cosmos “Hub.” For example, dYdX, the popular DeFi derivatives platform, recently migrated from Ethereum to Cosmos, citing a desire to be masters of their own fate. However, ATOM, the token most people associate with Cosmos, has never properly gotten its due, languishing outside the Top 20 cryptoassets behind Litecoin and Shibu Inu. The Team at the Cosmos Hub want to change that by making ATOM a key rallying point for the ecosystem, which they hope will lead to greater value capture at the token level and improve the overall state of Cosmos. On this episode, Alex and Andrew speak to Sam Hart, Strategy lead of the Cosmos Hub and the lead author of the ATOM 2.0 whitepaper on this vision for an ATOM-centric future.