Sommelier’s Zaki Manian on Democratizing Access to Winning DeFi Strategies

On this week’s episode of DeFi Decoded, Alex and Andrew sit down with Zaki Manian, a veteran crypto entrepreneur and co-founder of Sommelier Finance. DeFi is moving at such a rapid clip, it is difficult for most investors to stay on top of the latest trends and even more challenging to make educated investment decisions. Sommelier Finance aims to solve this problem by providing access to proven strategies supported by on-chain data in a fully decentralized way, essentially acting as a ‘guide’ to the bewildering world, similar to a wine sommelier. Sommelier is an Ethereum application built with Cosmos technology. But really, this is a stepping stone to a future state. Zaki believes by next year, Cosmos will be so advanced that most of the DeFi mind-share will be in that ecosystem, rather than Ethereum. In the spirit (ahem) of viniculture, if Ethereum is France (home to wine making for many years) than Cosmos is California – still undeveloped but with the potential for better terroir!