Sunny Aggarwal on Getting Doge-Pilled in High School, Dropping out of College and How DeFi Wins

“Dogecoin is sponsoring the Jamaican bobsled team.” This is the first time Sunny Aggarwal first head about crypto, back when he was a high school student in California. The friend might as well have been speaking Klingon, because the sentence made no sense to Sunny, so he went home and googled Dogecoin which led him down the Bitcoin rabbit-hole. He was hooked, or shall we say “doge-pilled.”

Fast forward to today and Sunny is one of Web3’s most creative entrepreneurs, having co-founded Osmosis, the most popular decentralized exchange in the Interchain ecosystem. He’s also a fan favourite here at DeFi Decoded. When we last had Sunny on the show, Osmosis had just closed a major financing and its TVL was nearing $1 billion. Bitcoin was nearing an all-time high and crypto markets were close to topping $3 trillion. While market conditions have changed, the case for DeFi has never been stronger. On this episode, Alex and Sunny talk about the core value proposition for DeFi, which is “privacy for the individual, transparency for the system,” why DeFi fared far better in the crisis than CeFi, what it will take to onboard the masses to Osmosis, why the recent crypto slump hasn’t impacted funding for good projects, how Osmosis became a refuge for Terra Luna developers following that platform’s collapse.