Did Shaq, Jimmy Fallon and Dave Chappelle Just Violate U.S. Sanction Laws?

Ethereum has outperformed Bitcoin recently and now sits at 50% of Bitcoin’s market capitalization. This has some observers suggesting the “flippening,” where Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin in market value, is in grasp. Ethereum has gotten close to Bitcoin’s market capitalization before, namely in Summer 2017 at the beginning of the ICO craze, hitting 80% of Bitcoin’s value, only to crater to 10% at the bottom of the bear market. Is this time different? On this episode of DeFI Decoded, Andrew and Alex get into it. Plus, they discuss the fallout in crypto from the Tornado Cash crackdown, including a ‘dusting attack’ that sent celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal crypto from a Tornado Cash wallet, making them unwittingly in violation of OFAC…and what it all could mean for the future of decentralization.