What do the next 12 months in crypto look like? With Jake Hannah, co-founder of SX Network

On this week’s episode of DeFi Decoded, Jake Hannah of SX Network steps in to help SX co-founder Andrew co-host the podcast while Alex is out fishing in Northern Canada. Jake and Andrew cover everything, starting with what the betting markets are saying about the Fed interest rate decision. They also cover the current betting market’s view on the probability that Ethereum’s highly anticipated “Merge” will actually happen in September. Jake shares what he thinks the best sector of the crypto asset economy will be, how the crypto market will perform over the next 12 months, and how Ethereum’s “merge” will affect its tokenomics. Jake and Andrew cover a number of other issues such as whether there’s any spillover left from 3AC’s collapse, and whether USDC will usurp Tether as the largest stablecoin. Check it out, as you won’t want to miss two crypto experts give their takes on the future of crypto.