Crypto Has Been Sus lately, But Long-Term Fundamentals are Bussin’ so Scoop the Dip Fam, Fr Fr

In honor of DeFi Decoded joining Tik Tok, we bring you this special Gen-Z titled episode (clearly written by Alex, an old millennial, aka Boomer, hence the cringe). Check us out on Tik Tok at @defidecoded.

On this week’s episode Alex and Andrew talk about the recent weakness in crypto markets and try to untangle how much of it is caused by the general weakness in financial markets and how much of it is a self-inflicted wound unique to crypto. Specifically, they discuss Celsius, the crypto lending platform, and their decision to gate withdrawals until they’ve shored up their capital and how that might be affecting investor confidence in the ecosystem. They also talk some bear market predictions, why the best projects get built when nobody is looking and where to find ‘value plays’ in a down market.