DeFi for All? Democratizing DeFi for Mainstreet Investors with Maxim Galash, CEO of Coinchange

On Today’s episode, Alex and Andrew sit down with Maxim Galash, CEO of Coinchange. Coinchange is a fintech company providing simple and frictionless access to DeFi for institutional and retail investors. Coinchange currently has over 20 institutional clients using their services for treasury management, and has ambitious plans to roll out to other customers and markets.

Max talks about the origins of Coinchange and how he identified an opportunity to simplify and democratize the complex but lucrative DeFi industry. He explains why it’s important for DeFi’s long term success that it be an equal opportunity market, not one where Wall Street and industry insiders exploit all the best opportunities. Max tells us about the process of becoming a regulated DeFi provider, why he thinks “RegDeFi” is the place to be, and how he plans to rapidly scale his model. This is a great listen for traditional finance and DeFi folks alike who want to better understand the convergence of retail fintech, traditional finance and DeFi, told through the story of one start-up.