ETH to $10k, Global Macro, Are Bonds Dead? and more with Scott Melker, aka “The Wolf of All Streets”

“May you live in interesting times.” There is a lot going in the world right now. Global conflict, high inflation, rising rates, disrupted supply chains, soaring commodities prices, and a potential re-ordering of the global monetary system are just some of the trends investors are considering as they look to make long-term allocations to their portfolios. How does crypto fit into a high inflation world? Especially as rising rates crush bond prices. Is the 60/40 portfolio dead? If interest rates keep going higher why would anyone hold bonds? If investors decide to reduce fixed income exposures, where do the multi-trillion fund flows from bonds go? Despite the prevailing narrative that rising rates are bad for growth equities, we have seen the NASDAQ recover most of its losses this year with many leading tech companies like Apple sniffing all time highs again. Do investors not realize hat even though tech/growth is expensive, it’s basically half the stock market, and they need to own it?

In the face of all this uncertainty, crypto has performed a lot better than many would have expected. Why? To make sense of all this, Alex and Andrew sit down with trader, investor, and host of the popular “The Wolf of All Streets” podcast Scott Melker.