• Despite a promising start to the week, Bitcoin and crypto markets traded lower along with equities after more hawkish comments from the Federal Reserve, which is preparing for quantitative tightening.
  • March was a milestone month for Bitcoin as tokens in circulation surpassed 19 million (out of a possible 21 million that will ever be issued), prices rallied to yearly-open levels, and on-chain metrics aligned for a move higher. Check out our re-visited Bitcoin investment thesis, and historical on-chain analyses.
  • The Luna Foundation Guard bought over 20,000 BTC (worth approximately $900 million USD) over the past two weeks as co-founder Do Kwon aims to build a $10B reserve for its UST stablecoin.
  • According to data from glassnode, Bitcoin supply on exchanges is depleting at a rate of 96,000 BTC/month, which suggests that investors are rapidly accumulating tokens and moving them off exchanges into long-term storage. Bitcoin accumulation is being driven by investors with less than 1 Bitcoin and more than 1,000 Bitcoin, suggesting breadth of buying between retail and institutions/HNW.
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group within the United Nations, has cited crypto as a leading driver for carbon emissions in its latest climate report. Check out our Carbon Neutral Bitcoin ETF and contribution to diminishing Bitcoin’s carbon footprint.
  • According to a recent poll from NBC News, one in five Americans have interacted with cryptocurrency. The poll revealed that men aged 18 to 49 were the largest cohort (50%) of crypto market participants.