How Guilds are Cashing in on the Blockchain Gaming Gold Rush

Recently, we spoke to Ben Lee of Blowfish Studios about the past, present and future of blockchain games and new concepts like play-2-earn. This week, we go even deeper into the world of Web 3.0 gaming with our special guest, Mitch Penman Allen. Mitch is a Co-founder at Perion DAO, a multi-role NFT gaming organisation specialising in NFT leasing, eSports, content creation and venture capitalism. Prior to his time at Perion Mitch founded his own proprietary trading firm, specialising in delta-neutral and quantitative strategies within the crypto-asset futures and options markets.

Many blockchain games require a sizable up-front investment into in-game digital assets. This has given rise to gaming guilds which lend out these assets to expert gamers in exchange for a share of their earnings. Perion, which is structured as a DAO (or distributed autonomous organization – another subject covered on DeFi Decoded) is one of the leaders in this new world. In the words of Charlie Morris (another DeFi Decoded favourite) Perion has “established itself as one of the most exciting blockchain gaming communities, where it connects, sponsors, and trains the best gamers in the world.” On this episode, Andrew and Alex ask Perion founder Mitch Penman Allen about the origins of Perion, his view on blockchain gaming, speculating on land in the metaverse, how Perion differentiates itself from other gaming guilds, and much more!