Yesterday, The White House released its long-awaited Executive Order on digital assets. As we predicted in a previous Digital Asset Digest, the order was not the ‘bombshell’ many were expecting and markets reacted very positively, with Bitcoin prices shooting up 8% in the immediate aftermath to $42,560 before fading overnight, and trading sideways today.

The order specifically prioritized the importance of blockchain innovations and maintaining technological leadership, something we also focused on in a recent edition of Digital Asset Digest.

Alex Tapscott shared his thoughts on the Executive Order in an interview with the National Post.
The crypto community continues to pour in their support for Ukraine as over $100M has been donated to the government and NGOs. Meanwhile crypto companies continue to do business in Russia, despite pressure to back out as other American companies have recently. Check out this week’s top story to hear about our take on the subject and cryptos’ developing role in this conflict

According to data from glassnode, short-term Bitcoin holders are persistently capitulating on losing positions, adding sell-side pressure.

On the flip side, Bitcoin supply across exchanges continues to decline, suggesting underwater short-term holders are selling to longer-term larger holders who generally custody coins off exchange.