Ben Lee of Blowfish Studios on making blockchain-based gaming fun for everyone

In this episode, Andrew and Alex sit down with Ben Lee, CEO and co-founder of Blowfish Studios. Blowfish is a games developer and publisher that has successfully launched a myriad of games across standard gaming consoles. Now, Blowfish Studios is now taking the leap forward in the blockchain through its soon-to-be-released Phantom Galaxies. Phantom Galaxies, likely the first playable AAA blockchain game, is expected to shake up the industry by integrating NFTs, P2E and other blockchain concepts into an immersive, fun and engaging game for all kinds of gamers.

The game is expected to be released in Q2 2022 with the developers releasing Starfighter NFT drops and generative avatars in Q1 2022. The studio distributed NFTs in the form of an airdrop to its early adopters and will host a public sale of in-game planets also known as “PGToken”. With a strong history of delivering high caliber games ambitions to revolutionize blockchain gaming, Blowfish and Phantom Galaxies should be on all gamers’ radars.