How Agoric plans to onboard millions of new developers into DeFi, with Dean Tribble CEO

There are over 13 million Javascript developers in the world, representing more than HALF of all computer programmers. However, there is no blockchain built with them in mind. In some instances, like Ethereum, developers need to learn a whole new language to build on the platform, a big inhibiter of growth. Dean Tribble, CEO of Agoric, wants to fix that problem. Agoric is the first JavaScript-native public blockchain: a layer 1 Proof of Stake (PoS) smart contract platform designed to enable developers to rapidly build safe smart contracts in the most popular programming language on the planet, JavaScript. Dean is a former Principal Architect at Microsoft, and his team is made up of early pioneers in smart-contract design and implementation.

On this episode, Andrew and Alex ask Dean what problems Agoric solves, how it seeks to onboard millions of developers, where it’s seeing the most developer growth, how the tokenomics of its native BND token work, what the roadmap looks like for 2022 and beyond…and much more! Pour a cup of java (sorry, dad joke)…you’re in for a quite a ride!