DeFi Decoded – Why fortunes are made in bear markets with Scott Melker, The Wolf of All Streets

The latest bout of market volatility has caused some confusion and panic. Corrections do strange things to the mind: as crypto price go ‘on sale,’ people become less eager to buy. Imagine that with shoes…or food?

But as they say, every crisis is an opportunity. To wit, even though Bitcoin has been declared dead in the mainstream media more than 400 times, it keeps coming back bigger and stronger than ever. To be sure, in the short term there are many things that can cause Bitcoin and other cryptoassets to go up or down. The latest catalyst has been a hawkish Fed and a general risk-off trade in other assets such as equities. Will it last?

To help make sense of this pandemonium is seasoned trader and cryptoasset expert Scott Melker. Scott, also known on Twitter as the Wolf of All Streets, is a trader and investor, and the host of the popular “The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast,” the author of “The Wolf Den” newsletter, and a prolific writer and thought leader in the crypto space. He has been featured on Fox Business, in the New York Times, Forbes, Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, Coindesk, CoinTelegraph, CCN, and more.” As Scott explains on the podcast “fortunes are made in bear markets.” Buckle up, this is a good one!