Ryan Selkis shares his top crypto predictions for 2022 – DOUBLE EPISODE!

On this very special final (DOUBLE) episode of 2021, Alex and Andrew sit down with Ryan Selkis (@twobitidiot), co-founder, and CEO of Messari, the leading crypto asset data and research company, to talk about the big trends that emerged in 2021 and share some eye-opening predictions for 2022 – from DeFi to stablecoins, NFTs, regulations, and more.

The timing couldn’t be better to take stock of the volatile and tremendously important year of 2021 and take a glimpse into the future. Alex just released his latest major white paper Digital Asset Revolution which explores the different digital assets and DeFi business models changing finance, and Ryan published his Crypto Theses, one of the finest works of crypto research out there. The Crypto Theses is deeply research, carefully considered and highly entertaining. So we are locked and loaded with some original insights.

Ryan is a founding father of the cryptosasset industry. He was entrepreneur-in-residence at ConsenSys, and was on the founding teams of Digital Currency Group, where he managed the firm’s seed investing activity, and CoinDesk, where he led the company’s restructuring and annual Consensus conferences. He has been an investor and prolific writer in the crypto industry since 2013.