Jake Hannah of SX Network on Scaling DeFi with Polygon, Prediction Markets and more

Up and coming blockchain ‘Layer 2’ platform Polygon, with its unique blend of scalability solutions, has been gaining in popularity as a solution to Ethereum’s scalability problems. In about a year, Polygon has built the largest and most dominant Ethereum layer 2 network in the world, but it faces competition from insurgent Layer 1 projects like Avalanche and Solana for developer mindshare. To combat this, Polygon is attracting talent with their Polygon SDK (software developer kit), which enables projects to build their own Ethereum compatible blockchains with Polygon serving as the base security layer.

On today’s podcast, Alex and Andrew are joined by Jake Hannah, the COO and co-founder of SX Network, to discuss Polygon and the SX Network project. SX Network is the first project to build a blockchain using the Polygon SDK. Like how Polygon inherits its security from Ethereum, SX Network inherits its security from Polygon making SX the first unofficial “layer 3” blockchain. In today’s episode, we’ll be talking about the future of blockchain scalability, focusing on Polygon and SX Network. We also cover the blockchain prediction market space, and a variety of topics across the DeFi and broader crypto space!