DeFi Decoded – with Luigi DeMeo, Director of DeFi at Ava Labs

How Avalanche (AVAX) scaled to $10 Billion in DeFi TVL in 3 Months, with Luigi DeMeo, Director of DeFi at Ava Labs.

On today’s DeFi Decoded, Andrew and Alex speak to Luigi DeMeo, reformed Wall Street trader turned DeFi entrepreneur, evangelist, and community builder. Luigi currently oversees DeFi for Ava Labs, the software development company that supports the Avalanche ecosystem. Luigi tells the guys about his personal journey, which started on the Citigroup trading floor and how he fell down the Ethereum rabbit hole and ended up going full-crypto. He explains what makes Avalanche different, what problems it solves, who is building on the protocol, how it could be adopted by traditional financial players, and where DeFi on Avalanche is headed next. This is a must-listen for newbies and veteran DeFi traders.