DeFi Decoded – Where the smart money is going in DeFi with Jon Lister, CEO of SatStreet

On Today’s episode of DeFi Decoded, Andrew and Alex are joined by Jon Lister, co-Founder and President of Satstreet, one of Canada’s fastest growing digital asset brokerages. Jon has executed over $500 million in digital currency trades for institutions and high net worth clients. He previously co-founded BlockEQ, a leading platform for the Stellar Network, which was acquired by Coinsquare for $12 million in December 2018. Jon also gained experience at BMO Capital Markets, Blackhawk Network and earned an HBA from Ivey Business School.

On this episode, Andrew and Alex get Jon’s outlook on the macro-environment and what it means for cryptoassets and defi. They also discuss some DeFi trends he’s watching, and learn more about how SatStreet works and how it’s helping broaden access to DeFi opportunities for institutional investors. They discuss which projects are being picked up by the market, and point out some exciting ones that are flying under the radar. They also get Jon’s take on the recent regulatory news out of both China and the US and what it means for crypto and defi.