DeFi Decoded – Emerging trends in stablecoins

On Today’s episode of DeFi Decoded, Andrew is joined by Kevin Zhang. Kevin is the co-Founder of PayTrie and DFX Finance. PayTrie is one of Canada’s largest fiat on-boarding ramps, helping Canadians buy crypto stablecoins with their bank account. DFX Finance is the leading decentralized foreign exchange protocol that is optimized for stablecoins. DFX is the category leader in the rapidly emerging DeFi FX sub-sector, garnering over $15m in assets to the protocol and attracting millions of dollars in trading volume.

In this episode, Andrew and Kevin do a deep-dive into both PayTrie and DFX and how they are complementary to each other. They discuss emerging trends in stablecoins, looking into market flows and where investor demand is. Finally, we get Kevin’s views on where DeFi is today, and how he views the space evolving over time.